Bye bye 2010

As I write this; millions of British people will be spending money (that they generally can’t afford) to celebrate the end of 2010 and welcome in 2011; fools!

I have never understood the tradition of the New Year Countdown; it is essentially commercialised clock watching?!??!

That’s right, participants are attaching a party to what might as well be exam invigilation training or a times/motions factory workers daily routine? Boring?

As a petty and insignificant protest I will do this right now, ‘free’ of cost and for the World (the 10 of you who look at this thing) on my blog via my phone.

See?!? You trendy ‘revelling’ fuckfaces?!? it doesn’t have to cost the Earth!!!!

Goodbye 2010, I shall miss your easy to remember digits.