CBT revisited

I had to retake my Compulsory Bike Test (CBT) again today because my current 2 year certificate runs out in a couple of days; it’s quite weird to think that I have been riding motorbikes for that length of time……….aside from the couple of months I have spent on crutches obviously. Very bizzare.

Seems like only yesterday that I passed my first CBT and ended up going down to Brighton with my mate Alan and his friend Scott the weekend afterwards.

Due to the experience that I have gained over the last two years; I was able to take the experienced CBT test which consists of a few manouvers in the off road test area and then out on a compulsory 2 hour road test.

The whole thing was straight forward enough I suppose; aside from the occasional bend and corner, fnar fnar…………..I arrived home with my new certificate and some constructive tips on how to improve my road positioning and general approach to riding.

I greatly look forward to the coming months where Mr Sunshine will hopefully make an appearance so that I can pop down to the coast and encourage my skin to become a colour more befitting my surname!

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