Recycle bins

I’m irritated this morning; a good dozen people or so around me are belly-aching that their civil liberties are being gang raped.

What tremendous wrong has been bestowed upon then you may ask?!?? What heinous crime against humanity???

Individual bins have been replaced by a centralised community bin area to encourage recycling and help the cleaner who previously had to empty 500 bins rather than the current 15-20 now in operation.

Personally; I thought this was a great idea!

I’m certainly no Green Avenger; however I do my bit by recycling at home, turn off unused appliances and try to limit my energy usage; a fair change to the wasteful oik that i was in my youth!!

I think people are generally quite blessed if walking 10 yards to a bin is their greatest hardship in life; it’s hardly walking several miles to get ‘fresh’ water now is it?!?