New bathroom

The gloss paint has finally dried on the skirting and frames in our bathroom; the bright white finish is definitely the proverbial icing on the cake for our sparkly new bathroom!

A couple of months ago, our bathroom had a bath instead of a shower and was somewhat ageing and dilapidated; I had lost my personal war of mindgames against the impossibly small sink that resided within it’s walls (still maintain that my Dad bought a sink that size to wind me up) and felt enough was enough.

I decided to use some of my savings to update it because I felt I owed it to my parents to do something about it. I felt it would be a good idea to install a shower so that Mum would benefit from it now she’s getting on a bit AND a shower is always an amazing feeling when you’ve been out on the bike in the summer (me, not Mum)!

It was quite a project, initial feelings of excitement lead to stress and annoyance at the endless debris (the dog got an eye infection from the dust) which made the house seem more of a building site than a humble abode.

My brother Brian is used to building sites because he’s an electrician by trade; he managed to bang out the old bathroom and fitted the new one in just over a week; which is nothing short of astounding because it’s the first time he’s done something like this.

I take my turban off to Bri because I’m utterly useless at such things; I even had trouble going into Travis Perkins (timber supplier) and ordering the wood for the shower plinth because I’m a spastic and can’t read simple building instructions……………..2 lots of 2X4 at 2meters………..I mean come on, what the fuck is wrong with my noggin?

I did contribute a little; I threw out the crap and did my usual OCD-driven tidying up thing, brought in all the supplies from B&Q like an Anglo Indian donkey, cut a few tiles here and there and did all the painting; but Brian did EVERYTHING else and deserves every bit of the credit for a great job.

Looking back, it’s all been well worth it and I am so chuffed with the result and wanted to put up a thread dedicated to all the work my brother has done.

Take a bow my son!



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