Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

Mr. Harold Camping predicted that the World (and life as we know it Jim) would end in 1994; God almighty would finally call time on the sins of humanity and proclaim Judgement Day. Obviously, that didn’t happen; the dead did not rise, the seas did not boil; but I started my A Levels in 1994 and bought ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis.

Not deterred by this ‘minor’ set back; the silly old bastard decided to have another crack at predicting Armageddon and set a date for 21st of May, 2011. Hang on a minute, that’s today?!?! Bettery check out the window folks……..

New Zealand was meant to be one of the first Nations to sink into oblivion; thankfully, they’ll still alive and kicking and Peter Jackson will finally get around to making ‘The ‘Hobbit’ now; I would have been majorly pissed off if the World had ended and I didn’t get to see Smaug in all his magnificent glory!

It is well documented that I am an Atheist; however I have always been very intrigued by how much people believe in the medieval concept of Doomsday; especially in these modern times?

Personally, I hold much more faith in the theory that we need to unite as one race and bugger off onto different planets if we are to survive as a species. Dr. Stephen Hawking might look a bit limp in his chair and sound like a ‘Speak N Spell’ but he’s got my vote.

The fact that a large group of people said their goodbyes last night and readied themselves for what they believed was going to happen…….made me a little…..sad. I didn’t pity them, I just felt a little disappointed that another human being would be so quick to give up their lives because they believed a misguided old man; who at 89 years of age, probably thought he’d be dead by now and wouldn’t have to look utterly stupid when his prediction didn’t come to pass. Again.

Funnier still are all the people who are openly scoffing at the prediction all over the net; yet presumably some of them are also Christian and believe that someday Judgement Day will come? Which is itself a little ironic? No?

So there we go, I’m off to take the dog for a walk up the park and enjoy being an insignificent random anomaly of the Universe.