When Chico met Blue

Our walk up the park was pretty eventuful today in terms of puppy socialising; Chico has an over-eager screaming fit every time he is approached by an aggressive dog that’s off of it’s lead.

He often ends up in my arms because I have to hoist him up using his harness and away from the protagonist so that he doesn’t do anything too aggressive; I find it quite amusing when these huge dogs come bounding over all brave and then run away when Cheeks gets medieval on their hineys.  Y’dig?  This all contrasts to how he is with bitches however, he’s all sweet and friendly.

So, I was quite intrigued to know how Chico would react when I arranged to meet my sister Lorraine who was walking her dog ‘Blue’.  Blue is a pitbull cross and a mountain of dog; people who take him at face value are clearly very wary of him, although he’s a gentle giant.

Having my Flip camcorder handy I decided to film the moment that they both met (awwwwww!) and you can see that Blue is an absolute angel in how he tolerates the impetuous nature of Mr. Cheeks.

Rock on Tommy!