Croydon Riots

Croydon was ransacked last night, raped and pillaged it was; not by Vikings,I might add, but by mindless groups of thugs and looters.

Sven, Thor and Olaf were apparently replaced by Jay, Jay, J, Ricky, Mohammad and Jamal.

I found it slightly amusing that there was a queue of looters outside JD Sports in one town; even looting in the UK is carried out in an orderly fashion!?!

One muppet even stopped to push the request button and waited for the ‘green man’ at a pedestrian crossing before going across the street to break into a shop!!!

BBC news focused unnecessarily on the ethnicity of those involved. It looked like everyone was involved last night; not just one group of the Human Resources tick sheet.

Seeing part of Reeves Corner going up in a raging inferno live on the news is something that I’ll never forget; nor the subsequent telephone call from the owner who sounded suicidal.

They even hit Rock Bottoms! Rock bloody Bottoms! Couldn’t believe the scenes down in West Croydon; I felt gutted seeing the windows all put through, thousands of pounds of musical equipment appeared to be gone. Must get on eBay later….

All joking aside, it was sickening to see it all happening, although I’m surprised that something like this has not happened sooner.

There is a rotten, scummy under-culture in this country and I think it is growing and becoming more commonplace.

We are expected to believe that the criminal activity in and around London is retaliation for a guy who was shot by police in Tottenham; I think that’s utter bollocks personally.

“Get the Army out in the streets!” is a popular opinion. What Army?! They’re all in the Middle East!!

It’s a dire situation that I think will get worse tonight with the Police facing a fourth night of rioting; wonder how long it will be before gangs of vigilantes are keeping the streets safe?

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