Chill with Brett, IHOP and Tablet Shopping! – Wednesday 19th of October, 2011

Wednesday was a much needed chill out day for me!  I had planned on spending the day golfing with Brett (one of Amy’s brothers) but we opted to take ‘Hank’, a Corgi that he and Whitney (Brett’s wife) were dog sitting, for a run down the local park instead.  Whitney’s grandparents house is situated in a gorgeous American neighbourhood that epitomised everything that I love about the States; tidy vibrant green lawns surrounded by flowers, grand houses and wide roads.

We had to cancel our golfing trip because Brett was having a bed delivered; after they dropped it off we headed out to Best Buy and I picked up my Galaxy tablet along with a few other bits!   Yes, I’m in love with this tablet, it’s geek heaven!

Ooooooh, I almost forgot, Brett and I went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) which was a blast from the past!!!  I’m not a massive fan of pancakes (loved my Dads and that’s about it!) so I opted for the country style breakfast which included fried eggs, sausage links (sausages basically!), bacon and hash browns; with a good sprinkle of Tabasco sauce!

After saying toodle pip to Brett we headed back to Brad and Beccas and packed for our impending trip to Las Vegas and LA; Lorraine and Amy had spent the day shopping (poor Amy) and sampling a rather brutal massage!