Driving from SLC to Las Vegas! – Thursday – October 20th 2011

First of all, big thanks to Amy who drove us from Salt Lake city to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles and back to SLC!  Poor Amy’s car died a horrible death a few days after we returned to the UK.  Thankfully she got a great deal on a new car; but I’d like to pay tribute to Amy’s generosity for getting us there and home safely!

Driving from Utah to Las Vegas was incredible, the changes in terrain were very obvious and astoundingly evident every 50 miles or so; I loved how the red rock started to appear the more we moved out of Utah and into Nevada (and sometimes Arizona) along with the introduction of strange cactus/tree hybrids and dusty dessert prairies.  If it’s one thing you HAVE to do in the States; it’s go on a road trip.

You can’t help but fantasize about the history as you pass through the vast expanse between cities; how did the pioneers and Victorian age travellers manage to survive the journey?  The journey from SLC to Las Vegas takes about 4-5 hours by car; how long must it have taken people on horseback?  On foot?  It’s mind boggling to consider how people tranversed such distances a hundred years ago?!?!

We passed through a winding canyon that left me completely awestruck byt he sheer scale of geographical beauty that surrounded us.  The rocky mountains stretch right up to kiss the sky (Hendrix was the man!) and rushing creeks saunter through them, almost like a network of rich veins providing the lifeblood for all the wildlife that persists within the valley.

I know I’m 34 years old, but I couldn’t help but imagine a group of bandits sitting around a campfire skinning snaked; draw pilgrim!

The journey went surprisingly quickly and we made a couple of stops at some dusty truckstop ‘gas’ stations.  Big shout to Dave with regards to the Stag.

You can see Las Vegas about 15-20 miles in the distance as you drive into it from the Interstate; the Stratosphere tower is unmistakable and I felt extremely excited seeing the plummeting ride that sits atop of the tower.  The other high rise buildings glisten in the glorious sunshine.  We enjoyed temperatures of around 32 degrees Celsius on the 2 days that we were there (well, one and a half) and I tanner rather quickly; being the mixed race cheeky monkey that I am!

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