End of a journey – homeward bound 25th of October, 2011

So that was our lot.  Amy drove us home via Henderson (Nevada), and we stayed in a Premier Travel Inn Lodge type of hotel on the Saturday night before we headed back home on Sunday.  Amy and Lorraine would not stop giving me crap if I didn’t mention how I dropped a huge jar of salsa onto the hotel reception floor, before throwing a bit of a strop when I thought I was the centre of attention (RAGE!).

Driving back on the Saturday night was a real slog, especially for Amy; we had briefly stopped in the middle of the desert so that Amy could wake up a bit with some fresh air.

The sky was absolutely stunning out in the desert; the total lack of unatural light meant for the best view of the stars that I’d seen since I visited the Breacon Beacon’s in Wales as a kid;  It was beautiful looking up there and seeing thousands of starts, I felt very humble and quite insignificant!

On Sunday we got home at a reasonable time and did our washing, packing and chilled out together which was really nice.  Lorraine and I were very thankful to have been able to visit and go on such a trip.  My final gallery is a few obscure pics!

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