Rodeo Drive – Saturday, October the 22nd, 2011

Our trip to Rodeo Drive was fun, if only to see Lorraine’s face as she sauntered around pretending to be Julia Roberts in the film ‘Pretty Woman’; this was largely lost on me because I’ve never seen the film!

It was an interesting place, you could eat your dinner off the sidewalk because the area was so incredibly clean and almost devoid of people; probably because of the thinly veiled classism that confronted us when we walked into Tiffany’s.  Deja vu!  Just like being back in NYC!

They quickly changed their tune when they realised that Lorraine meant business and bought a few trinkets before dancing out of the store.  An obligatory shot of Rainy in front of Tiffany’s and hey presto, a happy lady!

Lorraine also popped into ‘Jimmy Choo’ to try on a $600 pair of shoes, I wonder if the same Indian kids make Jimmy Choo’s as Primark shoes?  Answers on a postcard folks?

It was certainly an experience for Rainy, she posed outside the Regent Beverley Wilshire Hotel before dashing to the waiting car so that we could zip off to Hollywood!  How glam?

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