Lazy Saturday mornings with the mutt

I had every intention of making this weekend a quiet one after last weekends debauchery; last friday I had my Christmas Party (two bottles of red wine, whiskey and lager resulted in me being a bit fragile the next day. Tut), recovery on the Saturday (thanks to a 5 hour nap with the dog) and then I spent Sunday cleaning the house and putting up the Christmas decorations.

OK, so only Friday was debauched, but I still wanted to chill! Is that a crime!? I know I should be out sky diving and stuff like that along with everyone else my age, but this time of year is all about relaxation to me!

It’s now midday and I am still sat in my spacious and comfy armchair with my feet up on another chair, the duvet is wrapped around me and Chico traditionally placed himself onto my lap about 2 hours ago; neither of us have moved since.

Whatever half-arsed reluctant plans I had went right out of the window and it further proves my theory that:

Chico+lap = Not conducive to energetic Saturday morning starts!

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