Testes testes, one two. :: cough ::

It’s sound check day today…..12.1.12 Geddit?

What’s the world coming to eh? I popped on the BBC evening news, only to be told that Tesco hadn’t made a wazza amount of profit during 2011 (only £89,328,923,932, small change innit?) whilst Sainsbury’s had somehow managed to make loads of wonga; guess they sold more pigs in blankets this Christmas?

BBC news suddenly switched pace and mood to sensationally cover the story involving the youtube video footage that is currently causing outrage all over the world; that of US marines who were filmed urinating on dead Taliban troops. I was really, really shocked. I honestly thought that Tesco would make an obscene amount of profit this year given that they have more shops per square mile than McDonalds AND KFC?

As for the US Marine story, blimey, it’s a sad thing when you realise that you’ve actually gotten used to seeing things like that in the news? The idiotic jarheads filmed each other whilst taking a slash over poor old Mustapha Leik’s gladrags (perhaps they took his name too seriously?) so that it could be some kind of neanderthalistic war trophy?. A keepsake to show their grandchildren perhaps?

Yippeekayamotherfucker! Bet their families are proud!