Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

It is 1:30am and I should be tucked up in bed getting eight good hours of sleep before work.

As you can see, I am not………this is because my brain often decides to suddenly start racing around with stupid ideas at midnight and I gradually develop the same sort of reluctance to go to bed that I remember having as a small child.

I somehow come to the illogical conclusion that sleep is over-rated!?

I’m not sure you can call it insomnia because I could sleep if I want to?  Nothing is wrong, I am content and have been in a cheerful mood all day; I just don’t want to sleep?

There are better things to be doing instead of sleeping, like listening to music?

There is something to be said for revisiting old tunes now and again, my inspriation for the blog title comes from a  Jimi Hendrix song.

‘Burning Of The Midnight Lamp’ was one of the first Hendrix songs that I remember really connecting with.  I can still remember the first time that I heard the distinctive melodic guitar riff at the beginning of the song (I eventually learned how to play the riff) along with the killer guitar solo that has the unique warbling fuzz sound (couldn’t learn that bit Jimi, you clever bastard!).

It’s odd really.  Sometimes, at midnight, I think that I can get away with watching an hour-long programme (like Dexter, Fringe or Latina Sluts Do Bumsex 8) and go to bed at 1am.  After all, 7 hours sleep is a reasonable time after all?  Then at 1am, I think “……ah sod it!”  or “I’ll call it quits at 2am and get 6 hours sleep!”.

I appreciate that I may come across as being rather arrogant and a little odd for genuinely believing that I can function better on 5-6 hours of sleep than most people can after a full nights kip.  Lets face it, I know I can!

Hey, if you want to read a more humble blog entry then than this one, well, you’d best piss off somewhere else innit??!  That’s how I roll!