Sport on Antikrish

I’ve introduced a dedicated ‘Sport’ category within my blog.  Why?  Cos I love sport innit!!!!

Manchester United is a HUGE part of my life and has been since my Dad took me to see Man Utd play Wimbledon FC in 1986 when I was 9 years old (we lost 1-0).

My Dad was secretly married to Manchester United and we went together to see them play whenever we could get tickets (most weekends!); I’m not a religious man, but the closest I come to god (Dad, not Jehova) is feeling the hair stand on my back at Old Trafford when United slam a goal into the back of a net.

It’s fair to say that I am a bit of a football nut, I will watch almost every game on Sky (Gary Neville is a god!!) and ESPN but I draw the line at BBC’s Match Of The Day because the coverage is toilet and Lee Dixon’s face offends me!

I am also an England ‘FAN’ and often go to Wembley to cheer on the National side!  ENNNNNNNNNNGERLAAAAND!  I am also going up to Old Trafford in July to see Team GB (Great Britain!) play Ghana for the Olympics.

My love for sport is varied and I will watch most things with great interest, especially:

Cricket       (love watching a 5 day international test)
NFL            (Kansas City Chiefs Fan)
Athletics    (love going to Crystal Palace for athletics)
Boxing       (off to see Olympic boxing in July!)
Darts          (yes, it’s a sport!)
Golf            (strangely relaxing?!)

It’s a bit daft that I don’t already blog about Sport really; I’ll leave the psuedo-intellectuals out there to post stories on blogs/Twitter about orphanages in Africa and rate iPhone Applications like ‘Carbon Footprint’ and ‘1001 things you can do with beans’.  That’s not me!

So, Sport on Antikrish!  Not to be confused with the Sunday Sport!