The Hobbit (trailer)

Was really chuffed to see the trailer for ‘The Hobbit’ tonight; I thought the footage looked excellent and represented the ‘character’ of the novel well in comparison to the darker tones of the Fellowship.

My first impressions were that the film has a very familiar feel to it as the original trilogy, but definitely has a unique style of it’s own.

The cinema audience didn’t seem to know how to react to the singing which I found very funny! The importance of song is a pure reflection of the text and I thought it was great to see the dwarves singing!!

The media types who slated the look of the new footage are on their own!! The dwarves look a bit more ‘comical’ than Gimli does in the trilogy but I thought that also reflected the text well? It looks fun and I can’t wait!

It was wonderful to see Sir Ian McKellan back as Gandalf and Martin Freeman looks spot on as Bilbo Baggins! Hearing Gollum speak at the end made my spine tingle!

What’s a Baggins?!?!!