Mum’s Garden

Summer is in full swing, well, until next week when the weather is meant to get crap again!

Thought I’d put up a little gallery of Mum’s garden; so many of the flowers are in bloom and the climbers are really starting to get a hold on the trellises that are dotted around the place.

Paul, my Sisters fella, has done a grand job with the decking and all the woodwork that he has done; I have done my part, having potted and bedded a good deal of the plants and climbers you can see in the gallery below.  Replanting the hydrangeas took some doing let me tell you!

Forgot how much I loved to garden, I often helped my Nan when I was a kid (she was a gardening genius) and would often do the same with Mum (clearly followed in her footsteps).  It is a simple pleasure?

We still have to move bits around and I also have to assemble and position my KILLER PIT BBQ!  But for now, here you go.