Selfish behaviour

I am fucked off.  Haven’t been this keyed up in a long, long time; it will take all my inner resolve to keep my mouth shut.

I am annoyed at how inherently selfish people can be sometimes, feathering their own nests without considering the rammifications and knock-on effect they will have on others.

It is even more insulting when people lie or make paltry excuses or empty gestures to achieve their personal goal.

I am not perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I genuinely always try to consider the results of my actions and help others where I can.

The ‘take take take’ culture is becoming more prominent in British society,  however I am both surprised and sad to see such an inconsiderate attitude come from someone that I had an awful lot of respect for, but that respect is beginning to wane and my patience is growing thin.

Time to consider my own options I think.