Cattlemen’s Masters Reserve BBQ Sauce – Kansas City Classic

I picked up some award winning Cattlemen’s Masters Reserve BBQ sauce in Costco a couple of months ago; I remember seeing the brand in Walmart and thought I’d grab it because quality BBQ sauces are truly scarce in the UK.

I got a good deal, £5 for two huge jars of Kansas City classic sauce!

The gauntlet was well and truly thrown down this weekend as I fired up my new BBQ for the first time, I marinaded the ribs for a couple of hours in a roasting tray along with a few pieces of chicken.

It’s not such a secret these days thanks to TV cooking shows, but adding a little coke (the drink, not the class A drug) to the mix is a fantastic way to bring out the best in the sauce and the meat!

Have to say, it was amazing having a slice of ‘home’ in my own back garden; the best thing of all is that I still have another jar 😉

Review :  8 out of 10.  Great sauce!