Neil Armstrong – RIP

I grew up as a sci-fi obsessed kid with the lofty ambition of walking on the Moon; I can always remember being in awe every single time that I saw footage of Neil Armstrong sauntering about on that huge lump of cheese.

The achievement of landing on the Moon still gives me goosebumps now, especially given how incredibly daring the attempt was in the face of the political pressures of the time.

I was very sad to see that Neil Armstrong has passed away today aged 82; I think it is because I considered him a living legend and epitomised the moment that man stopped looking in religious texts for answers and started looking out to the stars.

His legend will live on, certainly challenged by various idiots who thinks that the moon landings were faked!  How could anyone possibly think that?!?  Fools!

RIP Neil.  Owner of the biggest balls in the Universe, thank you for taking that step!