Kev’s Mancave Mk2

Phew.  I am knackered.

I honestly did not anticipate that it would take almost all day to put my new bed together and make a few ‘minor changes’ to my room.

Such as:

  • Took out the PC plinth unit next to my armchair and replaced it with a modified BESTA unit.
  • Housed the PC inside it.
  • Installed a ‘Dioder’ multicolour LED kit behind my T.V. (backlighting).
  • Added a new unit to extend the counter underneath the T.V. (ready for when I buy a big T.V. in the January Sales!)
  • Extended the sliding door rail for the counter and added two new glass doors at either end.
  • Added a black glass counter top which reflects the dioder light nicely!

I am so pleased with the changes that I have made; PC is ‘hidden’ and I can now install a monitor mounting arm in the corner for accessibility

My bed is gorgeous and will hopefully put my back into the right shape; going for a well earned shower and then going to have an early night I think!

I REALLY recommend the Dioder system; it is strangely relaxing to watch whilst it goes through all the colours in the spectrum.  £60 buys two units and you combine them which covers off a 42 inch T.V.

So there you have it!



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