I have never cared for parties; parties are often full of sycophants, people participating in pointless conversation and dancing together in an embarrassing fashion?  Oh dear.

You know the kind of gathering I mean?  Devoid of banter, people desperate to be noticed at every turn and insecurely flirting with every able bodied person in the room?  That’s my personal hell right now…..

Such are the feelings and observations of a very bored 35 year old man; a chap who would much rather be enjoying the company of someone with a functional brain rather than the predictable sheep which I currently find myself surrounded by. 

I have had one or two genuinely worthwhile conversations tonight (you know who you are!) but I am most annoyed that I didn’t listen to my instincts tonight and blow this gig out?

My pussy, my choice…..

Fuck this, it sucks and blows at the same time.