End of the World – Fail

There is something deeply fascinating about ‘End of the World’ predictions?

My fascination is not so much about the vulnerable crackpots who congregate together in preparation for said event, nor is it a morbid curiosity for the poor souls who take their own lives before Planet Earth goes tits up (unlike Ray who laughs at the lemmings!).

Personally, I am intrigued by those of faith who mock the Doom embracers?!?  For having an odd belief system!!!

Today I heard two moderate Christians, acquaintances, laughing at people who believed the World was going to end today as per the great Mayan calendar prediction of doom….

Hang on a minute, how the fuck can you laugh at anyone for having an “odd belief system” when you believe a fella can walk on water, turn water into wine AND come back from death??? 

They even believe in the Rapture if they are Christian????  The Rapture is obviously far more believable because it is in a book? 

Ironic?  Much?

On a more positive note, the World hasn’t ended and I have a Curlywurly!