Bah humbuggery

Christmas time.

A time that reflects “Peace and goodwill to all men”; unless you are a Homosexual in a loving relationship and want to be married in a church by the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols.

Silly me, I thought God created all men equally?  It absolutely astounds me that people like him still exist……let alone be allowed to air his outdated views via the BBC news?

I remember being utterly shocked, the first time I heard a Christian tell me they thought that homosexuality was “learned behaviour” or even “a sin perpetuated by Satan himself”.

The science of genetics is clearly lost on the masses….?

Gotta hand it to Vincent Nichols though? He certainly picked the perfect time to express his medieval opinion!?


The Catholic church should shift their attention to the widespread abuse of children at the hands of Catholic priests, before it gets involved in current affairs!!!