The day I met Rolf Harris

I was very lucky to meet Rolf Harris when I was a kid; my Godfather nudged me in Jersey airport and told me the great man himself was sitting on the terminal gate seat behind me.

Yeah, right?!?

At first, I thought Joe was having a laugh (often the case!); Rolf was a MASSIVE hero to me at the time (still think he’s a legend!) because I religiously watched ‘Rolfs cartoon club’.

Joe persisted and I eventually turned around, there he was!! He sat there reading a book and was wearing a COOL poncho which reminded me of Obi Wan Kenobi and his awesome poncho/hood effort in Star Wars (yes, I genuinely thought that at the time).


I can still remember walking over to Rolf like a puppet with the strings tangled up; he was so incredibly nice and talked to me for ages whilst we waited for them to call for boarding.

And he drew me a Rolfaroo!