Urban Foxes

The middle classes are subscribing to ‘Horse And Hounds’ in their droves and chav lynch mobs are on the verge of culling every fox in Britain after ‘The Sun’  declared war on urban Foxes!

Urban Foxes are eating babies; its official!   One particularly hungry fox nipped a finger off of a newborn baby and now ‘foxamageddon’ has gripped the nation.

Foxes fascinate me,  they are beautiful animals and I will happily feed the little family with scraps left outside my house (much as it annoys Cheeks!); that said,  it’s clear that the urban fox population is growing immensely which has interesting ramifications.

To prove my point, this little daredevil sauntered past my car tonight whilst I was parked up writing this blog entry!!


The fox did not seem to fear me one little bit, nor was he disturbed by ‘Highway To Hell’ by AC/DC which was blaring out of my speakers.

As is often the case, the situation has attracted two very extreme viewpoints.

On one hand we have the poor souls who have fallen for the sensationalist news coverage ‘hook line and sinker’ and want to go around shooting the Foxes to protect their children! Eradicate them all! Napalm them!

On the flip side are the psuedo-protest wannabes who choose to infest Facebook with their righteous left wing protest babble and would have us all believe that Foxes wouldn’t harm a fly. Cuddle a fox. That’s their message.

I don’t know who I dislike more? One thing is certain, Foxes clearly have no fear of humans in urban areas due to the fundamental change in our relationship with them. They have attacked a couple of small children and domestic pets. Fact.

I personally think it’s a complete fool who believes that they ‘understand’ urban Foxes; irrespective of how much they feed them or read the tabloids! You can’t vouch for a wild animal anymore than you can demonise it for its survival instincts?

We will only ‘understand’ Foxes through significant scientific study and it may be a while before we have the facts on what is effectively a new species; urban Foxes lack the chicken stealing ninja scoundrel routine of their countryside counterparts?

I will continue to feed them. If they ever figure out how to pick the door locks and get into my house, they’ll have Mr. Cheeks to get through before they can snack on my fingers!

Tolerance and study with a pinch of caution and common sense please, no culling.