Clydes of Georgetown

Clydes of Georgetown is a very funky place to spend a Friday night; the gold record displayed in the Atrium was earned by Starland Vocal Band and the group’s 1976 hit single “Afternoon Delight” was apparently inspired by the appetizer menu of the same name in this very pub.  It’s easy to see why!

When you eventually squeeze through the front door and fight through the people waiting for a table (BOOK A TABLE!), you’re hit by a raucous atmosphere which surprised me somewhat; Georgetown is a noticeably posh part of Washington D.C. and I had suddenly found myself in a lively drinking hole that was cleverly disguised as a fancy restaurant.

georgetown1 georgetown2

Like most ‘pubs’ I’ve experienced in the States, Clydes reminded me a little bit of Cheers crossed with a Ruby Tuesdays or Applebees restaurant; saying that, Clydes has an awful lot of charm with the rustic oak bar and sports and aircraft paintings on the walls.

Now, to business. I ordered a charred 18oz medium rare steak.  Fucking amazing.  I’ve eaten a LOT of cow in my time, NY strips, KC strips, fillet and all kinds of meat in the Midwest, but the steak here is outstanding.


The service was excellent and everything was very reasonably priced in comparison to how I found Washington D.C. at times; cocktails are very good and they have a good selection of local seasonal ales if you fancy something different!

Clydes comes very, very, very recommended from yours truly.