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Samsung Galaxy S3

I have just invested in a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, it’s like a mini version of my Samsung 10.1 tablet!

The Google Android operating system is slick and I like how easy it is to upload video to youtube; my iPhone 3G 8mb was 4 and a half years old and it was time to put it to rest!

Very impressed with the S3 though!

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 32gb tablet

Yes I know I’ve been going on about it far too much on here already; but I love my Samsung Galaxy 10.1

It’s the sort of gadget that you never know you needed in your life until you’ve got it; and the ease in which you can use the Android operating system is astounding.  I picked it up very quickly.  Browsing the internet is incredibly fast, and the best thing about it is that I can use the WordPress application for my blog!

Using the Galaxy is so much more intuitive than Apple’s iPad 2 and the Apple OS; one of the best things about the Galaxy is that you don’t have to use smeggy iTunes.   So stick that up your arse Steve Jobs!

The Galaxy is a fantastic piece of kit, the screen is vibrant and rich, almost like a mini plasma screen; the battery life is incredible when you think that you can get about 9 hours out of the tablet before you need to recharge.  The amount of applications on offer is improving, and I think the prices are very reasonable!  I also bought the official keyboard dock accessory for $70 USD and that turns it into a very effective laptop.

Think I’ll definitely buy an Android based phone when I upgrade from my 3 year old iPhone!  Samsung are the shit!

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