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Whittakers Ascot Gold Cup Horse Racing Arcade Game

Whittakers ‘Ascot Gold Cup’ Arcade Game! What a blast from the past!


They had one of these machines down in Brighton Pier’s amusement arcade when I was a kid; I have many fond memories playing this little beauty for hours and hours!!!!

10p a go (just like your Mum!), you place a bet using the button on the console and select a horse between 1-5. The horses have increasingly higher wins as you run through the numbers:

1 – 10p
2 – 20p
3 – 40p
4 – 60p
5 – £2.50

The machine has each horse on a runner and randomly adjusts the speed of each neddy to try and outfox the punter. You can even decide to use the ‘double or quit’ feature if you are feeling particularly cocky!

They certainly don’t make them like this anymore!