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En-suite Camping Den – Gullivers Caravan And Camping Club Milton Keynes

The caravan and camping club site at Milton Keynes has a new en-suite camping den; I tried it out a couple of weekends ago!


The en-suite den is different to the other unfurnished glamping dens located on this club site:

Sleeps up to four (two adults and two children).   No pets
Settee converting into a double bed
1 bunk bed with mattresses
Patio furniture
Hand basin



Minimum two night stay.
Security deposit is required


The en-suite den is a fun getaway for two people sharing a weekend together; I think you’d get cabin fever if you spent more than 4 nights here as a couple, let alone a family of four!!!

Although the space is a little tight (if you’re a grizzly bear like me), the sofa bed is very comfortable indeed; I am 6’4″ and I had just the right amount of room to stretch out my legs when laying down.



I didn’t risk the bunk beds because I had visions of plummeting through the top bunk into the bottom one or waking up with claustrophobia; the bunk beds are partially enclosed and look like torpedo tubes on a submarine.  Kids will love them though.

The wash basin is directly under the microwave and you will need to take care not to bang your head when you brush your teeth.  Bit daft that?


My advice would be to take advantage of the en-suite loo, but use the main shower block instead of the shower.


There are various mains supply sockets throughout the den along with mains lighting.

Don’t let my tongue in cheek comments put you off!!

With access to Milton Keynes central , Bletchley and Bicester, the en-suite den is great value for money; after all, it’s not much more per night than a standard pitch cost for a tent with electric hookup.

Below is the standard den if you want to compare.


The standard den is a bit like Arthur Fowler’s allotment shed?