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Royalties due!?


My new dog leads arrived today; looks like the manufacturer are using my dogs image to sell their products?!? So that’s Flexi, HMV and Tintin! I reckon Cheeks should be due a cheque for royalties?!?

Cheeks training in the snow

Cheeks loves the snow; I took the opportunity to take him out on his training lead to the park. Hopefully, I will start letting him off the lead in the coming months! Don’t think it’ll be long until he comes when called!

Cheeks on the loose

I bought a 50ft training lead via Amazon as I think Cheeks is ready to start training off the lead.

Can’t argue for £10?

So tonight was the first time I have let him have so much freedom whilst around people and other dogs whilst up the park.

I couldn’t be more proud of him as he didn’t pull or run off, watched dogs from a distance and came back when I called him!

He’s like a little white blur when he gets up to speed, a run like that every night and he’ll be very fit indeed!

Will keep up this training regime and start bribing him with doggy choc treats to increase his obedience.

I apologise for being overly enthusiastic on video!  But that’s ma boy!


Light up Chico

Chico is reknown for sitting at the front window, usually waiting for me to return home.

Neighbours also have a giggle as he either wags his tail like a lunatic when someone passes by or barks at strangers whilst on sentry duty at his post!

With this in mind, I could not resist buying a Christmas decoration that I saw in Costco today!

It is a Polar bear that lights up, but I think it will bear an uncanny resemblence to Mr Cheeks!?!

Can’t wait to put it up in a few months!