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A concert for Tibet, in Croydon – Wednesday 16th April 2008

Antikrish are proud to announce that they are headlining ‘A Concert for Tibet’ at Limes Road Festival this coming Spring in Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom. 

Too much naughtiness is going on in Tibet and the band intend to make a strong statement against all the random headshaving incidents that are being forced on Tibetans by the Chinese Army.  Once shaven, a victim is forced to take up a life of solitude as a Lollipopman and spend the rest of their days helping schoolchildren cross the road.  Lets stamp out this facism together brothers and sisters!  Lets send a message!

A whole day of music is planned and the playlist promises to be loud and obscure!  Family favourites such as ‘Come on!’, ‘Blick’, ‘Give a Little Help’ and ‘Star Spangled Bandaid’ are sure to get even the most reluctant stuffed monkey audience member shaking their pants!

Tickets go on sale Thursday 10th April 2008, prices start from:

A goat and a pair of sandles (size 12 please) = Stalls
A homemade turban (no beermats) = Inner Circle
Half a teaspoon of Vishnu’s jizz = Outer Circle
An hour with the mother in law (no felching allowed) = Front row

Limited to one ticket per person, ticket also grants holder to a free Keema Paratha in the refreshment tent.

Sag aloo!