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Dine Tandoori – Indian buffet in Wallington

As I write this entry, the skies have opened and we’re having a ‘traditional’ English summer. What better way to spend a Sunday then partaking in an over-indulgent session down ones local Indian buffet?

I’ve been dieting for the last 4 weeks, cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch and fish finger or chicken filled English muffins for dinner along with various salad and fruit bits. So today represented the first ‘proper’ meal that I’ve had in over a month. Time for a treat! It was great because I’d won £50 on the Premium Bonds again this month, and decided to take my Mum and Joanie (my godmother) out for lunch.

Dine Tandoori is very local to me, and was previously known as Mehfil before it came under new management recently. I noticed that there was a buffet on offer when walking Chico up the park, and thought that I should give it a whirl! The restaurant was actually a bank when I was a kid, and they’ve really used the space nicely inside which gives a very simple but sumptuous ‘feel’ to the place.

My favourite feature inside is a hand painted mural of a waterfall on the wall behind the buffet dishes; I had to take a picture as thought was particularly striking. Apparently a local Indian artist had done it; I thought it made a lovely change to the usual generic pictures of the Taj Mahal?

The buffet costs £7.95 per person, and you can choose from 21 different dishes which I thought was great value. Highlights for me would have to be the Lamb Jalfrezi and the Chana (chick peas) dish which was exceptionally tasty.

Was very friendly, simple and welcoming.

I thought the food was exceptionally nice, fresh, tasty and fantastic value for the price.

9 out 10 for me, would have been 10 out 10 but they hadn’t acquired their alcohol license yet; so sadly no Kingfisher for me!


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