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Mach Storm – Dome Screen Dogfight By Namco

Milton Keynes Holywood bowling has a Mach Storm arcade cabinet!!!


Mach Storm is an air combat simulator with a cockpit-style cabinet to sit in; the unique dome screen gives players an almost 180 degree view of the high definition action in the sky.

Players have five different missions to choose from and all are set in real cities around the world. Each city has a set difficulty. 

The huge screen really pulls you into the game and the fast pace makes the game a truly immersed experience; not only do players see the action all around but they also feel the action through the force feedback in the joystick as well as the thundering bass installed in the flight seat.

I absolutely loved how old school Mach Storm felt, retro gameplay with state of the art projection.

Well worth a couple of quid!!!


You can be my wingman!!!