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Draw Something

‘Draw Something’ is a fun application that I occasionally play on my phone; the basic premise of the game is to draw something (no shit Sherlock) and let a friend try to guess what it is that you are drawing!   It reminds me of playing ‘Pictionary’ when I was a kid.

‘Draw Something’ is even more fun for me because I can’t draw for shit.  I can’t even draw a ‘Stick Man’ very well and the ability to draw a decent circle or oval also eludes me.

I can clone-brush tits onto a donkey or photoshop myself into a cornershop; but when it comes to free-hand drawing, forget about it (best New York mobster accent)!

I do wish that the people behind ‘Draw Something’ would introduce some slightly less-PC words?

Can you imagine the very funny, yet slightly awkward moment when you have to draw the word ‘Germany’ whilst playing with a random person on the application?