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Martin Mcguinness

So I find myself asking why Martin McGuinness is being lauded as the Irish Nelson Mandela today by Bill Clinton?  Rather than a mass murderer?  

It’s pathetic.

Yesterday saw a lunatic, willing to die for jihad, drive a car through innocent people over Westminster Bridge before eventually stabbing a policeman. Mindless.

Apparently, some people feel enough solidarity to put up a ‘Prayers for London’ profile picture, but have the opinion that Martin Mcguiness was a top man!?  A visionary of peace???

How is this jihadi monster any different to Martin McGuinness????

It’s undeniably that British Governments committed terrible and unjustifiable atrocities over many, many years; my ancestors cettainly had their fill of British colonialism because on one side my bloodline is Indian and on the other side, there is Irish.

India was raped, pillaged and utterly controlled by Great Britain, before Ghandi and others brought about change, apparently without firing a bullet.

So why is there now a romanticism about a man who encourged car bombings, shootings and all manner of evil things?  Before eventually being involved in the Irish peace process.

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that redemption story for one minute. 

That would be like Jimmy Saville setting up a charity for abused children!!!

Psuedo-Intellectuals armed with catchy memes, happily champion how ‘awake’ they are, but I do not think you are particularly intelligent if you think murdering innocent people is ever justified. 


The auction sale of Ghandi’s personal effects for $1.8m smacked of such fantastic irony that I simply had to say something on it.

If you could define that irony, I imagine it’d be something similar to a woman who secretly desired to be a glamour model, but her prize pair of knockers were on her back instead of her chest. Sexy hunchback?

I have a great admiration for some of Ghandi’s views and how he lived his life; and considering how he generally shunned materialism, I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of dozens of portly Indian businessmen fighting over a pair of fishbowl lens glasses and knackered old leather sandels?

Please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the symbolism that the glasses carry, in that Ghandi suggested they gave him the inspiration to liberate India, but if by some freak of luck Alex and I became deified ‘Bill and Ted’ style, would the glasses we wore when writing “I don’t want no messy sex with you Momma’ become feverishly sought after relics?

Who can say?!? One thing is for sure, whoever spent a million quid buying a pair of knackered old glasses should have gone to Spaccasavers.