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Womens boxing – Olympic finals

Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor both won gold today in the womens boxing finals for Great Britain and Ireland respectively!

I am really chuffed to see them get the recognition that they and the sport deserves!

Saying that, neither of them would have had a prayer of beating my Mum in her prime!!! 

“Shoryuken you saucy cunts!”

Athletics London 2012 – Farrah, Ennis, Rutherford

Have to pop up a quick thread to congratulate Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford on their Olympic Gold Medal triumphs in Heptathlon, 10,000M and Long Jump respectively.  What a night, proud to be British!

We have been fortunate to see British athletes giving their all during the games, some winning medals, some not.  However, each and every one of them have been held very dearly by this great nation and rightly so!  Few can say that everyone hasn’t given their very best.

I sat watching yesterday as we smashed the life out of the opposition in the cycling velodrome, splashed everyone up in rowing before witnessing the personal triumphs of Ennis, Farah and Rutherford in the Athletics.  It was a sweet sight to see all concerned achieve their personal goals considering the huge pressure and expectations that had been levied upon them in their representation of the Team GB.

The rowers and cyclists seem to have several chances of medals given the team and individual events that they can enter, this is not to diminish their fantastic achievement in any way, I just mused that Greg Rutherford took his one chance of a medal, alright, he’s going to have a go in the Triple Jump but you know what I mean?

How much pressure must you be under knowing that you have one chance of glory?

Speaking of which, it was sad to see so many people take to the internet and slate Daniel Sturridge for his penalty kick miss in the football against South Korea.  It was a shame, but he had the balls to step up and take one, I don’t think many would have the bottle to do that as millions of people watched on expecting you to score?  Again, we had a good go!

Go on Team GB!