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Movin’ On – Full Version


The lyrics to ‘Movin’ On’ were written on a lunchbreak whilst I was working at Boots, I seem to recall Alex being on hols or something because he wasn’t in at the time. I remember rushing over to his after my shift had finished rather excited with what I’d written.

I’ve always loved the blues and it’s Delta origins, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Elmore James are huge influences of mine; and the daddy of them all would have to be Willie Dixon; the most prolific blues songwriter ever. Sorry, geeky hero worship moment over.

We recorded this in Alex’s front room, both of us on chairs with the AKG microphone on a stand. Alex clapped and sang, I played the simple blues bar chords on my very first acoustic guitar made by Encore (sold by Argos). I loved that guitar and carried it everywhere with me; which is probably why it warped. Halfway through the song you can begin to hear it go out of tune (around 2 minutes or so in).

That said, I love the tone of the guitar and how old it sounds. Alex’s vocals are nice and raw; both of us end up singing the gospel/humming type thing at the end which is pure gold.

Oh yes, and Alex’s guitar solo overdub rocks.