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Ravish Sitar Pedal – Electro Harmonix

The tech boys over at Electro Harmonix are gods, for they have produced the holy grail of guitar effect pedals; The Ravish Sitar Pedal.

I was lucky enough to cut my teeth on a few original Electro Harmonix pedals when Alex purchased a few back in the nineties, the Big Muff (fuzz), Polyphase (phaser) and Electric Mistress (flange) were used on a couple of our tracks, ‘The Otherside’ and ‘You Stink’ immediately spring to mind!

I stumbled upon the Ravish Sitar pedal by accident whilst searching the net for an idea that I had for a song; having watched the youtube promo video, I went out and bought myself one along with my own Big Muff whilst out in the States!

For those unfamiliar with the brand or for those of you who are are just starting out to experiement with your guitar sound; I’d really recommend Electro Harmonix pedals because they are the absolute puppies privates when it comes to guitar FX pedals.  They are without a doubt the best made products on the market and are highly customisable to get unique and brilliant variations in sound.

The Ravish Sitar pedal is incredible in what it delivers, you can tweak and set up your sound by Key, delay, modulation.  You can also fiddle with several knobs (technical term!) to adjust the sympathetic settings, lead and delay; all of which can give you very different results indeed!

I got mine out the box, played around with the settings for about 30 minutes with the guitar tuned to C Major and this is the result I got!  As you can see, anyone can sound like a shit Ravi Shankar now!  So go out and buy one immediately!  Antikrish commands it!

Orange Mini Crush Amp

Hey true believers!

Just wanted to recommend the Mini Crush amp made by Orange; I think it’s bloody fantastic and extremely good value for money!

I originally bought the Vox AC4 mini amp because I wanted a tiny practice amp; my Fender Twin is gorgeous but I wanted something small which I could plug in late at night without disturbing the neighbourhood.  Sadly, the Vox didn’t work when it arrived so I sent it back; I was pretty gutted because I’d read some fab reviews about it. Oh well, you win some you lose some!?!

Dolphin music were utterly fantastic in the returns process (I got my Tascam from them as well), and by chance I happened to notice that they were also offering the Orange Mini Crush at £25. “So I thought what the hell!”.

The first thing that you notice about the Orange amp is the build quality.  It is superbly designed and put together with a wood surround, authentic Orange fabric speaker grill and had robust volume/tone pots.  The whole thing impressed me as soon as I got it out of the box.

I plugged in my Danelectro and was amazed to see the built in LED tuner work so well; then I whacked up the volume to a quarter and fiddled with the tone and……hey presto!!! What a sound!!!  Over the weekend, I’ve really put the Mini Crush through it’s paces, it sounds fantastic at varying volumes and you can overdrive it relatively easily for a ‘hot’ tone which is pukka!

At just over 10 inches high and wide, and 3-4 inches depth; the Orange is a gutsy little thing which really rocks!!!

The Anglo-Indian in my smirks when I consider that I was going to pay £169.00 for the Vox AC4; I say again, £25!!!! It’s astounding that this thing runs off of a 9v battery.

Buy one now; you schlaaaaag!