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Hedgerow changes

Over the last few years, I’ve progressively been changing the hedgerow at the bottom of the garden from deciduous to evergreen.

After cutting out the Forsythia, I started from the left side with a red Robin, followed by cherry laurels up to the halfway point.

I then asked my maintenance gardener a year ago to rip out the rest and pop in laurels and a red Robin on the right. He’s a top chap, but people who know me, will testify that I do not like waiting around. So over the last two weeks, I have gotten on with it!

I took out the forsythia, plus an absolute bastard of a Holly Bush with never-ending roots, additionally also a jasmine and also a big shrub. Phew!

Last night I dug my trench and then today I popped the new shrubs in. Drenched the roots, popped some chicken manure pellets around them and covered with a bark layer.

Fingers crossed we are beyond the deep freeze that we’ve seen over the winter! I am excited to see this hedgerow thicken up and add some evergreen colour to my garden!