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Lenny Kravitz – London Wembley – 6th December


My earliest memories of Lenny Kravitz are of watching ‘The Box’ music channel and being blown away by ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ in 1993 (I was 16); so to actually see him perform the track during his encore was an amazing moment.

Lenny’s voice throughout the Wembley Arena performance was every bit as good as it always has been on his albums; I loved how the backing singers, keys and horns section backed up his amazing band as they jammed into extended version of songs like ‘Let Love Rule’ and ‘Always On The Run’ (The latter being a huge favourite of mine).

Seeing Chris Ross ply his trade was another guitar god worship moment for me……then seeing Cindy Blackman bash her kit like Mitch Mitchell drums……wow…..just WOW. Gail Ann Dorsey on bass!!! Funky shit.

At times, things went VERY jazzy and I think the ‘I bought the greatest hits!’ section of the audience was a little unsure how to respond to a guy on trumpet channeling Miles Davis; at times it felt like Lenny had brought Mardi Gras to North West London and I loved every second of it.

I was shocked when I realised that Lenny is 50 now; he is an exceptional showman and looked like a guy who is totally in control of his craft; genuinely felt his love for performing and for his band.

So that’s another tick on my bucket list!

Hot off the press – Little Potatoes


Just mixed this down after a day in the office doing some overtime. Dug out another track from the same recent session that the snippet of Blick is from (Alex on Drums and I’m just playing the Danelectro electric). I just popped a makeshift bassline on it to fatten it out a bit (thankfully without any blisters this time).

This track originates from a jam and was my attempt to get away from always playing blues/rock guitar chords and riffs. Originally it was a slow moody jazz piece with some amazingly simple but effective shuffle drums, but I wanted to put this snippet on the site because I really love the offbeat drums Alex puts down towards the end of this sample. Definately the funky end of jazz.