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Last night the British Isles experienced heavy storms and flooding across the country leaving thousands of people stranded in rowing boats, washing up bowls and Barbie big pink princess lilos.  The British people were already suffering having been hit by an Earthquake on 27th February 2008; hundreds of people in Lincolnshire are still desperately needing new chimney stacks and restoration crews are already overstretched. 

Seeing as we’re always the first to send aid, does anyone know if Pakistan are going to send some help our way?  Armenia?  El Salvador?  Indonesia? Fair’s fair surely?  Come on you bunch of gits, I need some wellies and a fruit of the loom t-shirt!  ::: Mutters ::: Flipping selfish people in their straw houses……

For just £2000 a month, YOU can sponsor me to feed myself, buy a big plasma t.v. screen, fix my bloody tooth and generally live a decent quality of life. 

If you want to make a donation, please leave a comment on this thread with your contact details and I’ll supply my Paypal info.

God bless you.