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Salt Lake City – Monday 17th October, 2011

Howdy folks!  There’s a snake in ma’ boot!

I write this having returned back to the UK after my latest trip to the States between the 17th and 25th of October, 2011.

I was lucky enough to take my sister Lorraine away so that she could shop till she dropped; only she didn’t drop!  Our flight through Chicago was a little less eventful than the one I’d experienced recently in June; I say a little less because our bags were delayed yet again, and it was only through Amy’s relentless intervention that we got our cases within 24 hrs (early hours that following morning to be precise!).

Monday 17th October, 2011

Both Lorraine and I slept pretty much the whole way, so we arrived refreshed and ready to go!  Our first stop was to pop to the Guitar Centre in Salt Lake City where I picked up an Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal and an Electro Harmonix Big Muff pedal for good measure!  I got a fantastic deal on both gadgets, the Ravish sitar pedal is absolutey sick!

We then popped to Walmart and I did some Christmas shopping (scandal!) and grabbed a few bargains.  Lorraine loved Walmart, it is a fantastic place to get good deals!  Amy and I introduced Lorraine to Applebees beforehand, and I retired for bed, rather full from gorgeous steak and baby back BBQ ribs!  Lovely jubbly!  We stayed with Brad, Becca and several other members of Amy’s family; a pleasure to see them as always!

You know you’ve arrived in American when……………


It’s been almost 3 weeks since I got back from my most recent visit to the States; those dang locals would probably say that I’ve taken my “sweet time”‘ in writing this particular entry; and they’d probably be right!

My visit to Utah took place between the 14th-21st of June 2011; I already miss the beautiful sight of waking up to the mountains, long grassy hills and watching the crystaline lakes go by as we travelled up and down the highways from place to place.

It’s a very odd thing, hearing the sound of singing birds as you walk out of an airport terminal; but that was my first impression of Utah, and in reflection I think it is a very appropriate one too given the amount of wildlife that I saw during my time in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding cities like Provo and Saratoga Springs. Deer, Skunk, a multitude of different birds and the occasional mink farm which stank like an old people’s retirement home.

Provo – Utah

Saratoga Springs – Utah

Saratoga Springs – Utah

Out of all the States I’ve visited, it’s definitely the most chilled out and relaxed, and it has the scenic Walmart I’ve ever seen!