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Indian Spider-Man (for reals!)

The story about Guarav Sharma really made me laugh; he’s a guy making headlines around the world for scaling buildings in Mumbai whilst being (partially) dressed as Spider-Man, all in order to canvas votes in a parliamentary election:





The reason I chortled, is because Spider-man India was actually an obscure 4 issue Marvel comic run that had an Indian Spider-man!

The artwork and story bring a Bhagavad Gita twist to traditional Spider-man storylines; I have the originals at home and they’re amazing! (Guffaw). 



Spider-Man’s alter ego in the comic is named Pavitr Prabhakar instead of Peter Parker.   Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk.

Meera Jain = Mary Jane Watson
Auntie Maya = Aunt May
Uncle Bhim = Uncle Ben

I was gutted that Spider-Man India only ran for 4 issues; I had a theme tune written in case they made a TV series and everything!


Indian, Spider-man
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a naan, any size
Spends his days, farming rice
Look out!
Here comes, Indian Spider-Man!!

Is he strong?
Listen bud bud
He’s got radioactive masala blood
Can he sew, with a thread
He’ll make you quality linen, for your bed
Hey there,
There goes Indian Spider-Man!!

The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man may not be the best superhero film ever, but it is the best Spider-man film ever!

Gone is the autistic and boring Peter Parker of Tobey Maguire and in comes the exceptional Peter Parker of Andrew Garfield.

I was thoroughly impressed by Andrew Garfields take on Peter, his acting is top notch and I loved how his characters personality evolved throughout the course of the film. Something that I felt never happened in Raimi’s trilogy.

The best compliment I can pay Mr Garfield is that comic book writers will probably use his portrayal of the character when writing new storylines, spot on!

The use of 3D suited the film although I enjoyed the emphasis that was placed upon the non-Spiderman scenes which told a very enjoyable tale about Peter’s school and family life.

Dennis Leary was a cool choice for Captain Stacey (I love him in the film Judgement Night) and thought the supporting cast was well put together!

It was great to have a really traditional villain in the Lizard and I hope they will address the forgivable plot holes that were littered around this movie by doing a sequel which takes the story forward!

It can only be the Goblin next for me, although I’d be very impressed if they work Parkers father into a Venom saga somehow!! Introduce a new Fantastic Four and relaunch that franchise? Who knows?

All in all, ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is definitely one for all the anorak comic nerds like me; the film was so good that even Stan Lees cameo made me laugh!