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George Takei – Shame on you Sir!

I posted an earlier thread about the comments Garrett Wang made about Khan not being played by an Indian in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, rather than the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch who played the part to great acclaim.

It seems that George Takei, aka Sulu, is also of a similar opinion to Mr Wang.  Shame.

“Khan was created as East Indian character. The name is East Indian. We needed a big-name star who was a wonderful actor as well. Ricardo is Latino, but he brought his spectacular charisma and made Khan a singular, iconic character. It’s really owned by Ricardo Montalban, and to cast a white, British, wonderful actor, and name that character Khan, is really not understanding Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy. But I enjoyed the action-adventure parts of the second movie, Into Darkness.”

I admired Mr Takei until now (I probably will tomorrow!) because I liked how he often talked sense about tolerance in society, his opposition to homophobia and his own personal experiences of how people with Japanese resemblance (to Americans!)  were persecuted and vilified after Pearl Harbour.

I am British, white skinned and have the surname Krishnan; antikrish.com was my attempt to slice through all the political correctness and have some fun with the hand the Universe gave me. 

Surely it’s time to start thinking outside the box with surnames and place of birth?

Quite frankly, I find George Takei’s comments quite offensive and not in keeping with Gene Roddenberry’s vision? 

Whitey? You Khan-t!??

Had a good chuckle about the silly fan reaction to Star Trek character Khan Noonien Singh being portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Star Trek: The Darkness’.

Fans, American Sikhs and Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyagers Harry Kim)  have cited the decision to cast a white actor in the role as “whitewashing”. Really??

Let’s consider the following:

  • According to the original Star Trek back story, Khan is said to be from the Asian continent and be of Mongolian descent.
  • Khan was originally played by Ricardo Montalban in the Star Trek TOS episode ‘Space Seed’  (1967) and Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan (1982).
  • During the 15 years that takes place in between ‘Space Seed’  and TWOK, Khan inexplicably changes in appearance from being a Mexican with boot polish fake tan, to being an aged Mexican tribute to David Coverdale??
  • My Surname is Krishnan and I am not very brown.

So what ethnicity would you consider Khan to be in the first place???

I would ask “Why does Khan HAVE to be played by a Sikh or someone with dark skin??   All because his surname is Singh???

What bollocks!

The World is still a very narrow minded place isn’t it folks?


Kevin Krishnan
O.I.D.B.N.B.S.C – ‘Of Indian Descent But Not Brown Skinned Council.