Stoopid toof!

How quickly ones fortunes can change? 

Last Thursday I was biting into my dinner when ‘POP’, the tooth next to my canine (upper 4 left for all you dental enthusiasts out there) broke.  The tooth in question was a root canal filling and for some reason it decided to go when I was eating, of all bloody things, the salad from my kebab.  Unbelievable.  A piece of cunty cucumber, no lie!

After quite a scramble I eventually managed to find an emergency dental surgery (British Healthcare is in quite a state, or ‘two and eight’ as is commonly known in the East-end of london) and sat down into the dentist chair to be told I’d need to consider having the tooth removed entirely or have a dental implant to the tune of £1000.  Why replacement of a dental implant required a tune is beyond me, perhaps I could get a discount being in the ‘Biz’?  Sort of.

Anyway, the very nice man eventually found that the remainder of my tooth was ok and that I’d require a Crown (£400) to provide a long term solution.  I felt quite annoyed to say the least but that’s the way a calcium-defficient bone crumbles non?

Working for my employers I am entitled to profit related pay if I meet specific criteria.  Due to recent results I was due to get around 2 weeks wages.  Brill.  I planned on paying a good splurge of this on some remaining debt for some musical equipment but alas I have to pay for this smegging tooth.  THEN I find out this week that I am not elligable for the PRP bonus so I am now faced with said tooth bill.  Huzzah.

So, I’ve been getting into work at 7am each morning to do some overtime, I’m faced with doing 10 hours on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, then another week of morning overtime before I eventually go away.  AND I’ve got to have all my wisdom teeth out within the next 3 months at hospital.


Said equipment costs will be taken care of, I’ve also lobied an official appeal so keep your fingers crossed ladies and gents. 

So what, you may ask, is the moral of this story? 

“Brush your teeth more often and don’t eat salad because it’s fucking bad for your teeth!”