Idea in progress – ‘Haven’

I sat playing the acoustic last night, just practicing some chords. Groovy.

I’ve really been focusing on my chords because I enjoyed the simplicity of ‘COME ON’ and want to make sure that area of my playing is up to a decent standard (obviously). A good portion of my favourite songs are technically ‘simple’ with a catchy chord based riff. ‘Can’t explain’ by The Who for example. Pete “I didn’t look at it, honest!!” Townsend is someone I admire as a guitarist a great deal.

Anyway, after about 25 minutes I came up with a basic idea for a song whilst playing open chords, a bit of muting using my strumming hand et voila! L’idée simple!!!!! I generally avoid describing music in words, but the main bit is 3 chords, ascending and descending. That’s it. Simple.

After a brief chat with Al on the phone and having played the rough melody over the speakerphone a couple of times, we both decided it was workable. Al suggested a nice variation in tempo to add onto it and now I’ve got something to stick down on the Tascam before I go away Saturday week.

This weekend (amongst the multitude of overtime I’ve got to do in order to pay for my toof) I am determined to record the basic acoustic rhythm of this idea, tentatively entitled ‘Haven’.

I’m a big fan of acoustic guitar supremo Richie Haven (who has the worlds biggest MONSTER thumb) and I was messing around playing the chords at high speed, trying to do something of a parody of a track he did at Woodstock called ‘Freedom’.

I’m also desperate to get the ascending guitar tracks put onto ‘Give a Little Help’ take 4 because I’ve been so busy doing work and stuff. Oh yes, and I’m going to be bouncing tracks on it to allow for vocals, bass and something else. Dooiiiiing, doiiiiiing!

Either way, I’m determined to pop some more audio up on the site before I go away on my hols. So watch this space!

Happy birthday Dad.

(Edit by Alex) – Happy birthday Mr K.