Ramblings during a very wet lunchtime break.

I’m currently on lunch at work, rather short of money (given that it’s all now in Dollars for my forthcoming trip), and also because we’re having a rather nasty bout of weather in England.  So, I am sitting at my desk, looking out the window and pondering the greater mysteries of life.  Namely:

1)  In Microsoft word you can highlight a full stop (period), change the font to a value of 1638 but not above.  Why 1638?  Having looked for ‘1638’ on google I decided to have a mooch on Wikipedia.  Strangely enough, there is nothing on there to suggest Bill Gates had a ‘LOST’ moment and decided to subtely link a relationship between the maximum font value in Word and the year 1638.  Having looked, wasn’t 1638 a bloody boring year?!  The only thing I could come up with is that 50% of 1638 is 819, and when you multiply 819 by 2 you get 1638.  Wow!?!

2)  My mind really began to wander at this point.  I began to ponder if anyone was actually REALLY called Kenny Lingus?.  So I decided to google it.  Up popped a link to a fairly established ‘Dr Kenny Lingus – Oral doctors play outfit’ product but no Kenny Lingus.  I had intended on writing to him but could not find an address or e mail contact.  I’ve decided therefore that this is now a personal mission, I must find Kenny Lingus.  Should you enjoy the company of Kenny Lingus, or be able to offer any insights into Kenny Lingus please leave me a comment on this thread.

3)  The last thing I pondered today is that suspended ceiling tiles are really rather boring?  Seriously.  Aren’t they??!   Why hasn’t a company gotten into this market and decided to provide a mosaic ceiling tile service?  “Have your favourite picture broken down into separate tiles and suspended above your very head?!?  Yes, YOUR head?  Only £999.99“.  It’s brilliant?!  Just imagine how trippy it would be if you had a picture of a giant pommegranate?  The seeds….the seeds….they’re taking me away from this extremely boring and grey mundane office environment!

Bugger, time to go back to work.

Kill me?