Wednesday – The week so far

Well, it’s Wednesday morning and I’m already feeling more relaxed than I can remember for a very long time.  Coming back here felt like I’d been in a coma for the last 8-9 years and just came around, new buildings and developments had popped up, but for the most part it was just the same as I’d remembered.

Amy was kind enough to make me biscuits and gravy on my first morning here which was phenomenally good (my favourite rustic breakfast, sausage meat in a creamy gravy served with soft flakey butter rolls called biscuits).  For me such dishes are reflective of the sort of traditions I’m used to back home where my Dad always took me down the cafes (Caffffff) in and around London. 

I’ve spent most of the time since I’ve been here catching up with Amy’s family and trying to get it into my head that her sibblings are all grown up now and watching films I was too uptight to watch a few years ago because I was a miserable bastard (Elf, School of Rock, Radio) and generally kicking back.

The sunshine has broken through today finally, it’s much brighter out and with leaves still on trees and lots on the ground you’d be mistaken for thinking it was Autumn (fall). 

I’ve already found myself a nice new wardrobe of clothes, it’s very refreshing being able to walk into a store and find what I want fairly quickly.  Although that is a sign which tells me I need to get back on the old sushi diet again!

Saying that I went to an Indian buffet for lunch yesterday which was pretty good.  It really made me laugh walking in off the street into what looked from the outside just like any other fairly generic looking store.  Once inside I could smell the spices, the music was playing and when I sat down onto the almost generic ‘curry house’ furnishings I couldn’t help but feel a wry smile breaking out on my face.  I’d found a home away from home inside the home away from home (phew) and the Indians were beginning to take over America.  Ha ha ha!  All new improved Indians.  ‘Well, get off your horse and drink ya mango lassi!”.

My dad would have been so amused with the settin, Alex I’m sure would have found it extremely funny also and I just sat there happily munching away on some biriyani with a fairly good sag effort and pondered how bloody awful Indian food was when we found the only curry house in America last time I came to Olathe.  I think it’s going to be very popular over here very soon indeed!

Around 6pm yesterday evening a wonderful thing happened.  I HAD MY FIRST STEAK!!  WOOHOO!!  Amy, her sister Ashley and I went to Ruby Tuesdays, which for people back home is ‘slightly’ similar to Frankie and Benny’s, but bigger and better, obviously 🙂  Oh boy the steak was so good, eating something wholesome like that makes me feel centered in ways I can only imagine tibetan monks can atain after decades of meditation, and throwing eggs at Chinese soldiers. 

I also got very humbled by a very friendly young kid who asked me where my accent was from when he brought me my steak.  I used to get extremely embarassed when I was younger and never knew how to handle such things because I tended to be terminally shy (yes, really!) but last night it truly made me smile. 

I accepted the gesture as a wonderful compliment and was only too happy to talk to him.  He said he wanted to travel over to my neck of the woods and I only hope when he does he receives the same courtesy that I get here.  Doubtful but one can be hopeful.  It’s a textbook example of the friendly spirit I think you only really get out here in the Midwest of America, people are genuine, eternally curious and assertive with it. 

Oh, and the icing on the cake is that Amy’s moms (Genae) guitar is still in decent working order.  It looses tuning slightly but for the most part it’s like being reunited with an old friend.  Me and the guitar go way back let me tell ya, yessireee!  So I’ll be plink plink plinking away and trying to write something to commemorate my time back here.

So that’s it pretty much, half a week in and papa already has a brand new bag, wardrobe, full stomach and great company to spend the next week and a half with.  What more could a guy want?  I already know that I am going to regret leaving.  I always do.  Still, them’s the breaks?!!

Right, better go.  Have a fab bank holiday weekend back home guys and remember, STICK IT TO THE MAN!

1 thought on “Wednesday – The week so far

  1. Leonie

    I wish I was there with you. I find the American culture is soo friendly towards British people. So the Yanks have finally caught on with decent Indian food LOL. The way you are eating its a good job you don’t live there otherwise you would have some serious weight probs LOL. American food is sooo good but damn it puts the inches on ya.

    We moved in this weekend now that the flat has had a couple of days to warm up. I have to get CORGI engineers to return as they didn’t add a digital thermonstat and by law you have to have one with a gas boiler. They said most of their customers that need a new boiler are ones that have just moved into a new property.

    Today we realised the washing machine doesn’t work, the freezer only works on fast freeze but doesn’t freeze well and the fridge isn’t cold enough, so they all need replacing. We have soo been had! Karma will sort out that swine’s backside. We’ll test the cooker just in case – you never know!

    I look forward to reading your next entry. Until then enjoy!

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