Corn Dogs

Well, that was quick.  I’m officially back home in the UK.  Bugger.

 You know when you literally just start relaxing and finding an inner peace, and it’s time to get back on the plane, hear all the kids screaming through boredom or some old git just coughing?  Well, the latter was me this time around, I’m shrugging off a fairly annoying chest infection that I acquired in Kansas; even virii (posh plural word for virus) are bigger and better in the States you know.  I was very fortunate to have Amy’s family clan caring for me whilst I was running a very slight fever.  Muchos respect.

Staying with the pretend Mexicana theme I’d like to voice how much I enjoyed the film ‘Nacho Libre’, that is to say I thought it was exceptionally funny.  I love Jack Black films, but the subtle way he brings Nacho to life is so much more FUNNY than anything I’ve seen him in yet.  I watched the film 3 times in the space of a week.  Sad some may say, others may simply say “bumblebee tuna” but it’s definately my bag and it was VERY funky that I got to see it.  One viewing in particular with ‘Cherry Garcia – Ben and Jerry’s ice cream’ which was perfecto. 

To say I feel rather jetlagged would be an understatement.  I am not sure if it’s because I’m old, portly from my trip, or run down due to my cold (most likely a combination of all three) but suffice to say that the trip back wasn’t fab.  Oh, aside from playing ‘Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core’ on the PSP all the way home.  I remember how Alex and I totally obsessed over the original game when it came out on the first playstation, the final boss with Sepiroth took Alex hours and we mused at the time how Sepiroth rhymed with ‘nasty cough’ so I guess that’s why that has a slight amount of added relevance here!?!  For what it’s worth, the game is astoundingly good. 

Anyway, I got in around 5:30am this morning, grabbed the train to East Croydon (I like to get out quickly) and luckily found a Taxi who did VISA chip and pin because THE BLOODY BANKS WERE SCREWED IN GATWICK AND CROYDON, I COULD HAVE BEEN HIGH AND DRY YOU BUNCH OF SLAGS!  Good old cheeky cockney, “that’ll be a tenner please guv, pass us ya card” was words to my ears this morning I tell thee.

I got home, had a bath, unpacked, gave out gifts, Lorraine (sis) made me a bacon sandwich and I woke up around 5pm not knowing where in the hell I am, or when.  I listened to the Man Utd vs Villa game on the radio which was cool, although I do confess that I’m having some serious flashback issues.  In fact, my day has been like a really shitty episode of ‘LOST’.  But I’m now wrapped up in the duvet and all is well, ‘Match of the Day’ is on in a bit and I’m going to indulge back in a bit of English culture before I head back off into Final Fantasy land before some sleep.

I do have some rather funky and obscure pics to stick up over the next couple of days.  I imagine I’ll be somewhat more prompt than the promised posts of my trip which never transpired, largely due to the fact that I was enjoying myself so much I forgot.  Can you imagine that?!

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Amy, Genae, Brett, Ash and Ben for being extremely gracious hosts, and also for making me very welcome.  Have a stateside piece of chicken tikka for me!

Oh yes, and I want to do some music!!!!  OI BALDIE, GET YOUR STICKS OUT!!!!

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  1. Leonie

    Glad to have you back Kev. Sorry you got ill but I’m happy to hear you had a goood time. can’t wait to see the pics.

    Leonie x

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